k8凯发天生赢家一触即发新品丨车载CAN FD 片式绕线共模电感

        CAN FD (CAN with Flexible Data-Rate),是新一代车载网络标准,比传统的可以更高速(1Mbps以上)地收发更大容量数据(每帧最大64字节)的车载通信标准。DCMR (Differential to Common Mode Rejection)是指差模成分变换为共模成分变换量,满足CAN所使用的共模扼流线圈要求的DCMR特性被分为3个Class,DCMR Class3是指其中最严格的DCMR特性。

        近年来,汽车行业追求更加安全舒适的驾驶体验,通过引入ADAS(高级驾驶辅助系统)等,快速推进汽车控制技术的高性能化发展。伴随着当前的发展趋势,要求实现车载通信的高速化,加速将数据传输速度从1Mbps(字节/秒)的Classical CAN 向更加高速的CAN FD转换。

        因此,在支持CAN FD的片式共模电感产品系列中,除了原有的100µH外,k8凯发天生赢家一触即发还新增了51µH的ACML3225F-510-2P-T”。该产品可有效降低 CAN/CAN-FD等汽车内部网络信号线的辐射噪声。

        CAN FD (CAN with Flexible Data-Rate) is a new generation automotive network standard that allows for higher-speed (above 1Mbps) transmission and reception of larger data payloads (up to 64 bytes per frame) in automotive communication. DCMR (Differential to Common Mode Rejection) refers to the transformation of differential mode components into common mode components, satisfying the DCMR requirements of the common mode chokes used in CAN. The DCMR characteristics are classified into three classes, with DCMR Class 3 being the most stringent.

        In recent years, the automotive industry has been striving for a safer and more comfortable driving experience by introducing Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and rapidly advancing the performance of automotive control technologies. With the current trend, there is a demand for higher-speed communication in automotive systems, driving the transition from the Classical CAN's 1Mbps data transfer rate to the faster CAN FD.

        Therefore, in the series of chip-type common mode inductors that support CAN FD, in addition to the existing 100µH variant, we have also introduced a new variant, the "ACML3225F-510-2P-T" with a value of 51µH. This product effectively reduces the radiated noise of internal automotive network signal lines such as CAN/CAN-FD.

ACML-F系列共模电感,分别应用于CAN FD系统上,主要特点:

  • 良好的共模噪声抑制能力,优异的电磁兼容性特性;

  • 独特的绕线方式实现产品的小尺寸;

  • 工作温度:-40~+150℃;

  • 高可靠性、满足AEC-Q200 认证。

注:IEC62228-3实现了CAN-FD针对专用共模电感所要求的DCMR Class3。IEC62228-3是IEC(International Electrotechnical Commission即国际电工委员会)制定的有关电气和电子技术的标准之一。

The ACML-F series common mode inductors are specifically designed for CAN FD systems and offer the following key features:

  • Excellent common mode noise suppression capability: These inductors effectively suppress common mode noise, ensuring high-quality signal transmission in CAN FD applications.

  • Outstanding electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) characteristics: The inductors exhibit superior EMC performance, reducing electromagnetic interference (EMI) and improving overall system reliability.

  • Compact design achieved through unique winding techniques: The inductors are designed with a unique winding method, enabling them to be compact in size while maintaining optimal performance.

  • Wide operating temperature range: The ACML-F series is designed to operate reliably in a temperature range from -40°C to +150°C, making them suitable for automotive and harsh environment applications.

  • High reliability and compliance with AEC-Q200: These inductors are built to meet stringent automotive industry standards for reliability, ensuring long-term operation in demanding conditions.

Note: The DCMR Class 3 requirement for dedicated common mode inductors in CAN FD is achieved according to IEC 62228-3. IEC 62228-3 is one of the standards developed by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) for electrical and electronic technologies.

        应用于车载CAN FD系统上,其作用为滤除汽车内部网络信号线的辐射噪声。

        When applied in automotive CAN FD systems, their role is to filter out radiated noise from the internal network signal lines of the vehicle.

阻抗曲线(Impedance curve.)