Current transformers sense small currents in proportion to a specific ratio for measurement or detection purposes. They can also provide power supply for relay protection and automatic devices.

Current transformers consist of a closed magnetic core and windings. The primary winding is connected in series with the high-current line, while the secondary winding is connected in series with the meter or protection circuit.

Current transformers are used in new energy vehicles and charging stations to provide current detection and protection, thereby avoiding overcharging.

They are widely applied in various fields, including power supply, energy storage, photovoltaics, smart meters, and more.


2. 应用频率范围10~1000kHz;

3. 采用模块化设计,SMD结构;

4. 初级低电阻,检测电流更高;次级低分布电容,产品性能优异;

5. 自动化绕线、组装,产品一致性更高,可靠性更高;

1.It utilizes materials and structures with excellent magnetic shielding properties, resulting in low magnetic leakage and uniform magnetic field distribution. This ensures high accuracy in current detection.

2.It operates within a frequency range of 10 to 1000 kHz.

3.It adopts a modular design and Surface Mount Device (SMD) structure.

4.The primary winding has low resistance, allowing for higher current detection. The secondary winding has low distributed capacitance, resulting in excellent product performance.

5.The use of automated winding and assembly processes ensures higher product consistency and reliability. This automated approach to winding and assembly results in improved uniformity across the products and enhances their overall reliability.


Widely used in charging stations, power supplies, photovoltaics, energy storage, inverters, and smart meters.


1. All test data is reference to 25℃ ambient.
2. Test Condition:As shown in the table.

3. L,DCR,HI-POT,TR is full-test before shipment.

4. Operat between temperature range -40℃ to +125℃(Including self - temperature rise)

5.  Storage Temperature :  -40℃  to +125°C

6. Application voltage ≤1500VAC